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The Latest News From The Front....

The Game(s) From 07-Jun-98

Dateline June 7,1905 ---- Paris, France Today, a vicious war was ended. The French were by far the most powerful nation on the map, but the Turks and Russians were not far behind. After the Turks had violated an agreement regarding the status of Greece, Germany promptly invaded Austria, and so did Russia. Although numerous conferences were called, the Czar and Emperor could not reach an agreement. Soon, Austria crumbled. The Kaiser, on the other hand, refused to listen to his old friend the Emperor of Austria's pleas and promplty invaded Vienna, and lost Munich to Austria. Meanwhile, in the west, the French had begun to demolish the English occupying all of England while the English forces evacuated. The French navy also seized Tunis. The war ended when the French and Turkish players declared a co-win.
Dateline June 7, 1896 ---- Delhi, English Controlled India The great colonial war has just ended in a humiliating defeat on the front lines for the British. The Japanese are by far the victorious power controlling parts of China, and Russia. The Turks, having taken Aden from the English but losing Egypt to the English also lost Constantinople to Russian troops. The Dutch control Ceylon, Madras, and Singapore which they conquered from the British. The Chinese empire has been partitioned between the French, Japanese, Russians, and English and is no more. The French have gained Hong Kong, Canton, Assam, and Bengal but the English broke through the front lines seizing Mandalay, Rangoon, and Bangkok. A devastating war, and only one power made sigificant gains-- Japan.

In other news:

-- Cameran is proposing giving a player who gets a solo win five (5) extra points as a "bonus" for getting the solo win. Talk about it next meeting.
News last updated 08-Jun-98